Upsetting the Apple card

My son has for a while now been at the stage where cars, planes and rockets (ie everything shiny) is cool. The association with it makes him cool, and knowing everything about car manufacturers and the configuration of their cars engines seems to have taken the place previously occupied by dinosaurs. In fact some people don’t seem to grow out of this stage. However my son is starting to move on from this. The main reason I noticed this is his lack of use the I-pod-touch is getting for anything but music. He used to be glued to this thing, playing pointless games, chatting to friends, and so on.

Chess is back

Kasparov vs Karpov 2009

Kasparov vs Karpov 2009

It obviously takes titans to re-animate the chess community. With Kasparov, the grand master of chess (ret.) and Karpov reliving the good old days in Spain we can see that personality in chess does come through. Special thanks must go to Karpov, who has to battle the possibility of a whitewash. It takes guts to stand up the might that is Kasparov, and he does it for the good of the game, the cash (I hope) and for a bit of rekindling of the old spirit. Lets face it chess has gotten stuffy and I must say that this game has my son and I huddled in front of the screen, watching the moves live and then debating afterwards how it went and why?

Physics Game update 2

Just uploaded a new video. Not much new stuff, but great fun to blow things up. have fun :)

Physics Game update 1

Markus has now completed the first abstraction layer for thegame. This allows the creation of objects via xml without the need to adapt the code. We also noticed during testing that complex buildings like castles out of primatives have to be constructed very carfully, since the calculations lead to collision detections which slow the game right down. We will post a video update as soon as we can handle complex objects.

Physics Game

Mith (Markus Santa) and I have just started to develope a physics 3D game. When I say “Mith” I mean the person who does all the coding, thinking and realisation in general!!!!, and when I say “and I” it should be clear that I have ideas and test and maybe do a bit of pansy artwork.

The screenshot below is a quick insight into the very early work that is going on. I have to say it is very adictive and based as always on the TV3D engine. I’ll let you know how we get on.