Holidays are for wimps

coming back from holidays is tough. I just spend three great weeks away from work and now having to change back to the daily grind sounds like a challenge I would rather not face. Having said this I have to remind myself why I do the work I do: I simply love it. I love working with people, I love IT and I simply can not get enough of the innovative pace of the industry. Never a dull moment.

Why Architecture frameworks are difficult

Introduction: an Analogy

TOGAF - Open Group(c)

TOGAF - Open Group(c)

We are in the process of changing our home to be a bit “greener”. We have put in double glazing, we are getting wall cavity insulation put in, and we are improving the insulation in the loft. In order to do the loft. We are also planning to extend the house to accommodate our growing children. But looking at the economic increased uncertainty we might also move. The boiler could also do with a make-over.

Bandwidth trouble in the information age.

neural cells

I forget things. It is annoying, especially with names. Nothing is more embarrassing then having to let people introduce themselves just because I forgot yet another name. Apparently I am not alone in this. A friend of mine who should know better keeps referring to my son as Christopher, when his name is Connor, and my father more than once called me Onno (his brother’s name).

So where does this come from? Apparently one of the reasons is bandwidth. Much like the global Internet our brains similarly struggle to get everything through from the right memory location to the correct place of usage. Bandwidth is an issue as is information overload. However further research of this behaviour and the design our brains follow shows up something probably worth trying to emulate. Forgetting.