Cloudy computing…

peopletogetherI keep pictures of my children. I think I am not alone in this. But since my children were born in the digital age, so most of the pictures of them are in digital format. Now who do I trust with keeping them. Well, I could put them on google, trust Apple, maybe Yahoo / Flickr, but ultimately I don’t trust anyone with them. I have them on DVDs, back-up HDs and memory sticks as well as printed out. There is just no way that it is acceptable that I lose a single one of them.

Chess is back

Kasparov vs Karpov 2009

Kasparov vs Karpov 2009

It obviously takes titans to re-animate the chess community. With Kasparov, the grand master of chess (ret.) and Karpov reliving the good old days in Spain we can see that personality in chess does come through. Special thanks must go to Karpov, who has to battle the possibility of a whitewash. It takes guts to stand up the might that is Kasparov, and he does it for the good of the game, the cash (I hope) and for a bit of rekindling of the old spirit. Lets face it chess has gotten stuffy and I must say that this game has my son and I huddled in front of the screen, watching the moves live and then debating afterwards how it went and why?

physics game quick update

We have finally sebtled on the games objective, which wuill be building related. Ie given resources are used toi build or solve a build (think sky scraper, bridge,…). In game mode you then get points for tests including stability, materials left over and beuty of destruction. Should be great fun.

Laying down the law

civil-libertiesWhen you live in a different country from the one you were born and educated in you run into some differences. The one that hit me over the last years is the erosion of civil rights and responsibilities in the name of freedom.

Wave goodbye to e-mail?

googlewaveBy now you will have come across the hype curve. The idea that reality is never as good as the dream is true for many things (if not almost all). But how often do you get it big time from a giant company? take for example this years hypemaster Google Inc. and their assault on SMTP / email. There is top notch hype at its best. But does it hold when you apply the hype tests?


Google Wave is basically a completely new take on people to people document exchange. For one it is set up as cloud computing, for another it freely changes state between chat, collaborative authoring, work flow, chat and webex style meetings. If you have a spare hour and a bucket (in case you feel nausea from all the American Ra!Ra!) then take in the launch cast from youtube here.

To understand the hype a bit better you will be amazed to learn that pre-launch Process Expert company SAP has already published its example take on wave showing of collaborative business process design between business users and how it gets integrated into the service oriented world on the Software Developer Network. You can view it here: Gravity – Collaborative Business Process Modelling within Google Wave (Low Resolution)

I have to admit that I am quite smitten with the idea of a collaborative environment that blogs, plays games, collaborates and most importantly does away with the e-mail nonsense that we are currently fighting against. SO if everything is wonderful why go on about hype cycles as coined by Gartner?
HypeCycle – (originally posted here:

…but I trusted you!

TrustIn the information age we are surrounded by great sources of information, aren’t we. Everyone has something to say, everyone has an opinion and most people have published it. So when you look at the web as a source of information you get a lot of views and that surely must be a good thing. But when it comes to facts it gets a bit messy.

A mate of mine runs a TVR and it had an issue (they all apparently do – all the time) – one that was apparently throwing the experts, since it meant replacing large parts of the engine. Given that TVR no longer exists all problems are fixed by word of mouth, a number of parts traders and elbow grease. The problem hinged on powering the light machine from the engine, and how it is connected in his model. Without boring you with the details the consensus by professionals and fellow owners alike was that without significant spend it could not be repaired. After a lot of thinking and experimenting it turns out that you can solve the issue by using an extended belt in line with the source of the engine (Landrover). My friend was diligent and posted the solution on the forum. The funny thing is there are now just under 100 posts stating that it can not be done, and one that proves that it can be done. Even more shockingly when we spread this out most people don’t even bother to post a solution because we are lazy.

Apply that to most unstructured “collaborative” information sources and i get the picture that misinformation travels further and faster than information. Add context (use case) and you end up with close to nothing. typing into google “how to judge information” (In quotes) only yielded 1700 results (and once counted properly only 53 artikles and documents, most of them identifying the need for doing so, not much on how to actually do it).