Who are you?

ViewAfter getting solidly depressed about bottled water (link)I decided to calm down again and I did it in the most boring way possible, by reviewing my finances. 2 hours later I was building spreadsheets simulating where I would like to be financially by 2018. But I was stuck. I was trying to do an online pension review and I had lost my user, password and security token. I called the company and they managed to sort it out.  But they could have said: “We don’t know you. Don’t darken our doors again” and kept my money. Because everything was online I had no redress and no proof that I had an account there. Of course there are back-ups and printed document exchanges and other safety mechanisms, but I must admit even as a data specialist I was worried about my nest egg.

ViewThe whole chain of events lead me to have a think about how I would like things to work for me. So I started drawing up a process and a way on how I would like to control my information in regards to anyone and any platform I am dealing with. And here is the first output: