Indirect Line…

Sometimes we run into a roadblock that we just didn’t see coming. We are racing along, full speed ahead and some tiny insect from left field pulls out bolder weighing a couple of tons and brings our forward momentum to a shattering halt.

I recently had to switch car ensurers and that is the easiest thing in the world, right? You go to a few comparison websites and a couple of direct insurance companies and pick the best deal. Within minutes you are insured.

Where there is smoke…


I read the story today about Ferrari’s collaboration with Marlboro and how the bar code on the F1 one car will subliminally tempt people to smoke as it has a resemblance to the bottom of the Marlboro cigarette pack or some such thing. A sample article of the issue can be found here: Ferraricolor and the Times here: ferraritimes. I found several articles referencing a bit of research by doctors, but the actual piece is at this point still absent and doesn’t seem to have any peer review. I mostly trust journalists in the basic background material they have to find, but when it comes to medical and scientific content they have not the best track record (remember cold fusion?).I must also admit that the following is a bit of a rant – sorry, but we can not continue like this, can we?

Luke Slikely wrote in the
…All these doctors HAVE managed to do is advertise Marlboro themselves!