Making life?

I read an artikle recently in scientific America (the worst kind of academic trash according to my chemist friend) that we have finally managed to “create life”. According to the article we are just a couple of inches from creating lifeforms that will cure alsheimers, cure the fuel crisis and cure global warming while feeding billions with five fishes.

Call me a cynic, but I didn’t believe it. So I spent some time and money on getting more contradictory information from some relatives in the industry. The following is an algemation of what seems to have happened or might have happened.

going to the floor – but why?

sinkhole Someone told me that there was a bit of a pothole in the road in guatemala that had made the news. When I looked it up the picture on the right is what came back. When I discussed it with a friend in Australia he mailed me the article below. If someone knows that actual source, that would be great to add to give the appropriate deserved credit. The language can be somewhat rude, but it makes the point. I enjoyed it :).

common sense vs common law

If you have ever done IT projects then you will have come up against legal practices, rules, governance and so on. You will have wanted to prepare data for migrations, but weren’t allowed to look at it, or maybe you had to define a spend report with fake data, or worse implement a new CRM system without Customer data.