“R” you into statisitics?

“R” is a disruptive new open source analytics technology with a rapidly growing user community. It is a powerful and extensible statistical object oriented programming language. It was build to support rapid development of computational analytics and data visualisation. It can be and is easily extended (for example a new interpretative engine) and the benefits of these extensions are shared with the user community. There are now thousands of R analytics packages available to download made available by users in a growing academic and business community Several large software packages (such as Oracle, Greenplum and SAS), have integrations with the R language, or have released R language support. R has a vast array of standard graphical formats that can be reused, as well as good functionality for the production of bespoke plot and graphical format types

Where is the sense in that?

“I like bones!”
Well that could mean I am a successful surgeon having just saved a life through surgery (unlikely), I could be a serial killer or maybe I just like the TV series “Bones”. But no matter what you think of me, but the truth is the sentance is meaningless until we have context.