Can you sleep at night?

The first thing I did when my son told me of his moral slip was question my ability to be a good dad. It shows you that we are selfish at heart. Then the discussions began and we started to tackle the underlying issues. By now he seems to be back on top of his game, but the trust will take longer to fix.

During this phase in my life I attended a ZDNet workshop on “cloud computing by 2014”. I hadn’t slept well as I was worrying about bad parenting, my sons future as a criminal and imagining having to visit him in prison (my imagination is definitely over productive during a sleep deprived late night).

maths for data

I always felt an affinity with maths. That shouldn’t really be possible, but it is i can assure you. It is not a comfortable relationship, mainly due to the fact that I am poor at grasping math. So affinity might not be the most obvious word, but it is correct non the less. The affinity is due to the concept of math. For one thing math is not a constant. In it 1+1 can equal 2 or 10 simply depending on the number system you choose. Infinity can be massive in maths or very small (think of the largest number and you can always add 1, but you can also slice the differences between 1 and 0 by repeatedly and indefinitely multiply the higher number by 0.5. And the final straw for me was that there is proof in mathematics. It is one of the few disciplines where self reliance and consistency is more important than the subject itself. Wow! So when I come across abstracts like (a+b) to the power of 2 equals A^2 + 2AB + b^2 you have to stand in wonder not only be the facts, but also that it links you to the Greeks, who found these truths. Connecting to others in consistent language over time is the greatest gift of maths in my view.

networking at conferences

(c) Luca Longo

Berlin is cold in October. I never knew it was so close to the Russian low temperature zone. So only having a thin code wasn’t a great idea when I rolled up to SAP Teched 2010. The world of SAP has been my home for 17 years now, and there is very little I thought I didn’t know. Conferences are all about Networking.