IT up the stove pipe


This is just a quick rant. I cannot understand why we are making it so difficult to share. IT people should know better. Things that should be available in general are service based access to master data from any company, serviced based access to any computer service provided and above all service based identity management (including rights distribution and so on). More than that I believe that this is a citizen ship element that should be covered by government capability and services.

Upsetting the Apple card

My son has for a while now been at the stage where cars, planes and rockets (ie everything shiny) is cool. The association with it makes him cool, and knowing everything about car manufacturers and the configuration of their cars engines seems to have taken the place previously occupied by dinosaurs. In fact some people don’t seem to grow out of this stage. However my son is starting to move on from this. The main reason I noticed this is his lack of use the I-pod-touch is getting for anything but music. He used to be glued to this thing, playing pointless games, chatting to friends, and so on.