kindleimg. a newish form or reading. this is the real throwback to the IT dark ages. its a one trick pony. And while it is indeed specialised for it it is hardly breaking the bank in feature terms. 4GB of storage. freescale arm 11 at 532Mhz processor and 256 MB ram wasn’t even great 10 years ago. So what is it with the sales figures? forrester estimates them at over 4 million as of mid 2010. it makes no sense really until you use one for a while. Its ergo dynamic and simple to use. it does wha it does well and it lets you read anything anywhere . i can even with a small sneaky workaround post online. the reason. it is great at what it does. and it offers something book people wanted for years. their library on the move. nothing in reading comes close to it. not even a book. and tha pains me to say. the kindle is a better book. trees can breathe easier. weell….maybe not. but at least book readers don’t hae to take the blame, right?

Analyse this…

No, not the gangster movie, I do mean analytics as in maths and predictions. I am not sure if you noticed, but there is a it of a new buzz around regarding analytics. The last 3 projects I am was working on all ended up spending a lot of money on Analytics to gain more competitve advantage. Our team of analysts has grown from 3 to over 50. So I thought it might be worth noting a few things down on analytics that might be worth a few moments of your time. I’ll quote the CEO of my last multinational to set the questions (If you have seen the filme “Dogma” think of a character not unlike Jay, as in Jay and Silent Bob representing the CEO I have in mind.)