12 stupid men?

In the UK we had a trail about a woman that took the points her husband received in regards to vehicle offences (bad driving). The case itself is pretty simple. The question put to the jury was simple enough as well. Did she accept the points willingly, and was she culpable. The the that the person involved was publicly well know, and her than husband was also a public figure in politics should be irrelevant. However the jury didn’t seem to get it. It asked silly questions about “should a possibility, that did not form part of anything presented in court be taken into account, or is the jury limited to evidence before it”. “What is reasonable doubt” was another question posed.

Note to selling self

Being a sales person must be one of the real tough jobs in this world. Being a sales person fundamentally asks you to cover a contradiction. You only can sell what you have, and there is every chance the person buying doesn’t need exactly what you have.

Imagine you sell cars, what I as a customer want is a car that can go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, has 2-7 comfortable seats, safe as a tank and runs on fresh air and produces 0 emissions. Oh yes, and it should also power my house for free, swap steering wheel sides over depending on what country I am in, and fly. I am happy to pay 1% of my monthly salary for that, after tax of course, and the thing should last for ever, but always look and feel modern, but also be a classic. Oh, and only I can have it.

Employment reduction

The economy is not well. This is not only basic fact, but it is also creating interesting pressures that can be decoded using basic economics and history.

I had a conversation with a colleague (about 15 minutes ago) and as a new manager (just recently appointed) of a large group of people I asked him how it was going and how he coped with the pressure.

“My brain is just buzzing. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking”.

He did in fact look very tired, with his eyes not really opening.