What will it be when it grows up

Having teenage kids is interesting. Because you probably are wrong, they are not really yours. They have their own world, and yours is completely separate. All you have hopefully done is create a net, so when they explore the real world they can fall without getting killed. Children who had nightmare grow into teenagers who learn to loose them and replace them with experience and finally grow up into adults who are not afraid of comparison, debate research and evidence (mostly).

A Most Peculiar Data moment

A manager of mine 10 years ago came out with “Perception is reality”. It has niggled at me ever since. Perceptions change, so reality changes? would it not be more insightful calling it perception is a reality? If I see a threat to my business, does it make that threat real? Odd – but maybe this story help me (and maybe you) to have a go at re-evaluating business in general.