What will it be when it grows up

Having teenage kids is interesting. Because you probably are wrong, they are not really yours. They have their own world, and yours is completely separate. All you have hopefully done is create a net, so when they explore the real world they can fall without getting killed. Children who had nightmare grow into teenagers who learn to loose them and replace them with experience and finally grow up into adults who are not afraid of comparison, debate research and evidence (mostly).

The entirety of human existence seems to follow in spits and spats a similar evolution. Taking medicine as a more or less representative sample we once believed that gods made people sick, we then discovered that some plants helped, that we can help people, that if you had been ill that you often don’t get that illness again (in some cases). Miracle cures administered by secretive specialists gave way to experience exchange between likeminded people. Help became non discriminatory (probably), knowledge was formalised and became testable, although actually testing waited for another 500 years before people were ok with having their views challenged,

Bizarrely in the business world Рespecially in the international business community we are working more on hearsay than on factual data. How can that be? Are we still teenagers? I think so. The evidence for this is anecdotal selling. A reference, a product and a budget with a buying need make a sale. This is still lesson 101. Even more so a lot of people still drive relationship selling. People buy from people. You know that, right. Except it is evidently not true. If I can mathematically prove that process a) is more effective, adaptable and efficient using fewer resources including the cost to switch than process b)  then there is no reason to stick to to process b. Full stop. РIf optimisation and making more money is even the goal. It looks like even that might not be a good desired outcome.

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