12 stupid men? Part 2

I haven’t posted anything in a long time. This wouldn’t be the first blog to go the way of the dodo. If there is anything you can take from my life than it is this: where people are concern, there is always a reason. Always.

In my case the last 3 years were full of personal turmoil, tragedy and change. Live, serious life intercepted me. Everyone I love the most was suffering at random fate, and my job was to do what I could for them. I took a back seat. Now I am finding myself at the other end of this process, a new perspective has emerged on many fronts, including the legal one.

Law should be tought to at school. Not just laws, but also the process of law. Small claims, contract law, most importantly how you go through court as a victim, a accused, a lawyer, a prosecutor, a juror, a judge, politicians who make laws, and a clarks. The reason is simple. The law is an ass. Not my words, but I could not agree more. Each one of these protagonists can have, in a flash of a second, profound impacts on your life.

I experienced second hand the devestation an existent can cause. Peoples lives are fragile. Peoples sanity is fragile too. But that is private. As a result here are the things I picked up:

A) You have a lot less control in your life than you might think. you control yourself, and sometimes not even that.

B) the Clark of the court is the most important person for your trial. make sure your lawyer and the Clark of the court know each other, and get on well.

C) Lay judges have a tough time. a more senior Judge is preferable.

D) The law is designed ┬áto give society the pretence to have control. This is an illusion of course. Politicians seem to think we don’t know this. The worst part is, eye are probably right. V

E) politics and Law should be separate. In fact the separation should be as far as possible.

F) The victim cannot get “justice” in court when it comes to emotional damage.

G) The law does not like accidents. It requires the maintenance of the illusion of control. It therefore seeks responsibility at any cost. a including convicting a good person.

H) The truth isn’t found in a courtroom, nor is justice. Two opposing viewpoints are discussed, if you have the money, and a verdict is derived based on fairly momentary perceptions and guidelines.

I) Lawyers have to earn money. The first advice will always be to contest, irrespective of the clients needs.

J) legal processes take too much time, and a emotionally extreamly draining.

K) visit court before you go to a trial that touches you directly. It helps a lot with your understanding of proceedings.

L) support workers are amazing people. They care when no one else does. talk to them, and make them feel worthwhile. they are the true representatives of humanity.

M) There are some really bad people out in the world. I still have to see one in court. Court is filled with poor people, unlucky people, dumb people, forgotten people and the actors surrounding them.

N) Western society has a warped view of what is real, what is true, and what is just. We simply cannot think of a better way of doing this.

O) a couple of changes are urgently required. The highest legal instance should never be politically tainted, appointed or selected. There should not be any lay judges. laymen support for judges on the other hand are good things. Legal aid should be a regular tour for all legal professionals in order for them to be able to continue being a law professional. Any prosecution decision should only be made after an extensive interview with both victim(s) and the accused.

I) The police should only be available to, and accountable to the law. Having police commissioners who connect political branches with Policing can only be bad for the people that end up in court, because they effect the prioritisation and sentencing of justice.

There is more, but you are probably board by now. Especially if you have never been t court. Please go and see the most important and direct power over your life in action. Observe all the actors.

Good luck and all the best.

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