Physics Game

Markus Santa is as good a coder as you could wish to find. He woke up one morning and started playing with 3D physics. Using TV3D  (Truevision3D) he is creating a freeform game environment in which you can let physics decide how you solve the problem on how the ball gets into the hoop. It sounds simple, but forces and interesting level design can make the whole thing rather tricky.

Admitedly we are only at the beginning of the thing, but we are aiming for it to have:

  • Basic game environment
  • Simple Objects and Composite objects
  • Complex multi objects with  joints
  • Sound
  • Explosions
  • Level editor
  • Object editor
  • Online level exchange
  • Online object exchange

We are aiming to keep the environment very simple so that you can have houndreds of objects interacting on the screen without any slow down. The app will require Windows Direct X9.0c or higher, .Net framework 3.5 and internet access. For now here is a screenshot.

physics game alpha version video

Screenshot of Physics game in development

Screenshot of Physics game in development