The Idea

The idea for SoftSellCart is based on the need for developers to sell their programs. Yes, Shopping Cart Software exists in abundance, and this one is fairly simple as that goes. Yes, we integrate to paypal and ebay, but some others do this too. So yes, you can use SoftSellCart for non Software items. 


Where SoftSellCart is unique is in its provision for Software specifically. This can be Software for PCs, Online Software, Web Services, mobile programs or any other form of Software. This includes

License management – SoftSellCart issues at run time license keys which are bound to the user credentials. Depending on how you configure SoftSellCart this is based on machine, usage or user. The license check can then be integrated easily into any software using either customer code or a call to the SoftSellCart web service. 

Download Management – buying leads to a download slot being allocated. This is ideal for software, since it ensures that the buyer gets a license allocated with the software. license, user and software are therefore linked and are used to monitor the rightful licensing of the software you offer for download.

User Monitoring – SoftSellCart allows via web services to not only manage the licensing process, but also ensures that the usage can be monitored. This does not only include the basic data as provided by SoftSellCart, but can include custom parameters, such as IP addresses, type of usage and any other parameter you define. Flexibility here is key.

Online resources – We know that Software licensing is not the only element of getting your Software to market. So also offers information on how to get your products to market, and SoftSellCart offers to sell your Software for you on our catalogue online (we use of course our own software to do this.)

So if you have a digital product you wish to sell, and you want to solve all major headaches around this process (including IPR management, online sales, advertising, hosting,…) then you have come to the right place. 


  SoftSellCart (1.9 MiB, 1,393 hits)

  SoftSellCart Develeopment Documentation (157.0 KiB, 707 hits)


Product Features 

SoftSellCart as a Software Product has many features that are designed to make your life easier as a Software developer. The following is a List of special features that you might not find in every other Shopping Cart product.

  • User management 
  • Software license management
  • Ebay integration 
  • flexible payment method integration including PayPal
  • Software Support Framework included (optional)
  • Download monitoring and automatic blocking
  • Usage and installation control and monitoring
  • Remote installation support
  • Sales reporting, license reporting, usage reporting
  • Latest update feeds including best practice information
  • license algorithm control
  • web service enabled

We believe that this is unique in the world, because it is copyright protected. SoftSellCart is tailor made for the coding requirements of today. We even offer sample code in Java, php and C to show you how you can ensure you stand alone applications are protected from misuse. All of this for a mere $0 = about as easy as we could make it. At this price it is not worth bothering about trying to do it yourself.

Technical Info 

The following technical elements are required to run SoftSellCart on your server or your hosted server:

– php 4.2 or higher
– mysql 4.0 or higher
– 10 MB of free Disk space
– mail server access

In addition to the technical requirement the following connectivity is useful.

– paypal account (business)
– paypal developer account
– ebay account
– ebay developer account

While the above is not strictly necessary, they do improve your ability to sell, and in the case of paypal it is the default payment gateway. However any payment gateway can be configured into the system.

SoftSellCart is easy to install and has many features that allow you flexible technical integration with your licensing ideas. These include:

– OS Ticket script integration
– eBay web service integration
– Payment Type management
– Product Category management
– Customer Management
– Skin management
– Language selection option
– Complete Test mode (check if all your config is working)
– IPN Transaction management
– Accounting view (List)
– Advanced Order Management (including License usage)
– Product management
– License code options
– SoftSellCart News (for latest updates)