phpChess Server

Welcome to phpChess – Server

phpChess is the only web-solution available for playing chess on the your website as a complete package. Download, set-up and play. It is that simple. phpChess is available to download for free,, which is an even more comprehensive offering. phpChess has over 1000 customers ranging from schools to commercial chess sites.

phpChess offers add-ons, such as

– mobile phone client free
– Chess program for the PC free
– Vista and Yahooo Widget/Gadget free

The capabilities of phpChess are incredible, and include amongst others: Online administartion, community mailing. clubs, online chat, real-time games, correspondece games, messaging, activities management, replay past games, chess ratings, result graphs, change of look and feel, message based integration (write your own chess software based on calls to phpChess), club mailings, java client, widget, gadget, game-chat, personalisation, drag&drop movement, full chess rules including move validation, and much much more.

We hope chess is for everyone, and hopefully phpChess is a good starter pack for your chess comunity. Chess is after all the most buitiful game in the world, and we hope we can do it justice.

Christian Blumhoff