phpChess for PC

Welcome to phpChess for the PCphpChess for PC is not just a way of accessing your chess server from your PC, it is so much more. Capabilities include:

  • Full AI (Thanks to Crafty)
  • Peer to Peer play
  • Connection to phpChess Servers
  • 3D and 2D State of the art rendering
  • PGN and FEN support
  • Free game mode
  • Customizable opponents
  • Customizable visuals
  • Full Audio support

free download. full version!!!!

phpChess for PC offers add-ons, such as
– famous games for studyy
– Teaching module for online classes
– Extra 3D and 2D Chess sets

These will be released and extended over time

For starters it has agreat AI engine(Crafty from Robert Hyatt). It also allows you to load you game collections and check if they are valid moves only, replay games at your leisure and all in glorious 3D. PHP Chess for the PC is shareware and since it is a labour of love we would appreciate the little donation we ask for. In return you will not only get rid of the annoying pop-ups but also access to the latest release.It also integrates seamlessly with the phpChess server, allowing you to switch easily between games, running direct games via the server or peer to peer and even allows for you to customize your board and opponents. All of this is also available with full move announcements, chat, 3D or 2D boards and all the other trimmings you want from a decent PC Chess game.

phpChess was developed by Markus Santa and Christian Blumhoff for phpChess and was tested by 50 select amd very dedicated phpChess customers. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude. This could not have happened without them. We also wish to thank Marsha Krenshaw for providing the voiceocver,Ambiera for their IrrKlang Audio-technology and Truevision3D for enhanced 3D capoabilities. Thank you!