phpChess on the move


phpChess is going mobile. We think phpChess is a great tool for people to provide a safe chess community. The modern world however demands that we can access all information on the move. phpchess is clearly no exception. phpChess always had a java client, but that was only Java 1.4 compliant. Standards have shifted so much that it is probably not working for everyone (in fact I am certain it doesn’t because my new phone won’t run it either). So the only answer is to change the game (sorry for the pun).

phpChess is going to available on the iphone / ipod touch / ipad. While this will not work for all smart phones, we think it certainly is a platform worth supporting. In addition we are reworking the phpChess base so that anyone with internet access can see phpchess on their mobile a lot easier. This will be supported directly through the skin. Unfortunatley this meant that we had to choose between the existing platform and a major re-work. This has led us to the conclusion that we need phpChess Live!, a new Model View Controller (MVC) code base.

These new capabilities will lead phpChess to be up to date with modern coding standards, we will have legacy support for the existing mobile capabilities (used also to great effect in the 3D PC Client – which is also due for an update in 2012).

we expect the I-Phone capability to be available sometime in autum 2011.