IT up the stove pipe


This is just a quick rant. I cannot understand why we are making it so difficult to share. IT people should know better. Things that should be available in general are service based access to master data from any company, serviced based access to any computer service provided and above all service based identity management (including rights distribution and so on). More than that I believe that this is a citizen ship element that should be covered by government capability and services.

Who monitors the monitor?

We have all been there. The TV is 2 years old and just before (or after) new year the thing decides to try and desolve itself from all responsibilities. No news, no movies, no drama, no life sports. You might even have taken out the store’s extended warrenty, but the terms and conditions state that a chance of repair has to be exercised (which means that no-one comes for a week to look at the thing, then you wait another week for someone to take it away, and you wait a further 6 weeks for someone to say “you will need a new one”). It’s not what you were led to believe when you paid for the extended warrently. Either way you are left without the TV.

Simply not true (or why IT doesn’t help)

Things can get really complex in life. When I was modifying my guitar last week I was trying to create a wiring diagram to keep track of things (as is and to be views). Now a computer would be a great help in this, using things like visio or the like, right? Well it wasn’t and in the end it was simpler to draw the thing by hand. My incompetence combined with prohibitive costs and the poor tool capabilities illustrated yet again that IT has tools for intelligent people, plasters for not so intelligent people and games for the rest. But real help with daily complexities seem to be thin on the ground. (Anyone who knows of a wire diagram creation software that is free and has all components in it that guitars may house (including ghost pickups) should leave me a message, please!)

Let me upscale this to the business world using my pet-subject Master Data Management. We know that Master Data Management is a worthwhile exercise. We know that having complete and accurate product information (for example) helps consumers pick the right product for them, establishing in the process a reference model. In practice the issue is more complex. Poorly manufactured products like to hide behind a wall of missinformation and hearsay to hide the lesser quality and the apparent lack of features. But the market is even more complex than that. Lifestyle and budget availability may drive people to a cheaper product under certain circumstances even or especially because of the lack of features (think older citizens or handicapped people).o where does that lead to?

Indirect Line…

Sometimes we run into a roadblock that we just didn’t see coming. We are racing along, full speed ahead and some tiny insect from left field pulls out bolder weighing a couple of tons and brings our forward momentum to a shattering halt.

I recently had to switch car ensurers and that is the easiest thing in the world, right? You go to a few comparison websites and a couple of direct insurance companies and pick the best deal. Within minutes you are insured.

how come he is so good?

supernovaFirst off it needs to be made clear that the headline does not indicate a big headdedness  by the author (at least not this time!). Quite the opposite. I was privilege enough to work with one of these outstanding individuals that just makes you think: “I am running like mad, I am flat out, there are still more demands on me and the things I do I don’t do half as well as I could with a little more time. Yet here is this individual, calm as you please shining like the star he is in contracts to the black hole I am falling into.  Looking at the astronomical theme we have going here it is worth to note that black holes are made by imploding stars. But is it impossible to revert back to being a star?

Self Motivator?

meplcWhenever you are promoting yourself and apply for a new role anywhere you are likely to be asked what motivates you. You at this point have a choice. Either you look lost, want to say “money, less work and ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll'”, and finally stammer something about “learning, helping the company achieve its goals” or you have thought about this in detail and you take your heart in your mouth and tell the truth. The benefit of the latter is that you will know before the interview how to answer the last question in any interview that is going reasonably well:”is there anything you would like to ask me”.