12 stupid men? Part 2

I haven’t posted anything in a long time. This wouldn’t be the first blog to go the way of the dodo. If there is anything you can take from my life than it is this: where people are concern, there is always a reason. Always.

In my case the last 3 years were full of personal turmoil, tragedy and change. Live, serious life intercepted me. Everyone I love the most was suffering at random fate, and my job was to do what I could for them. I took a back seat. Now I am finding myself at the other end of this process, a new perspective has emerged on many fronts, including the legal one.

Indirect Line…

Sometimes we run into a roadblock that we just didn’t see coming. We are racing along, full speed ahead and some tiny insect from left field pulls out bolder weighing a couple of tons and brings our forward momentum to a shattering halt.

I recently had to switch car ensurers and that is the easiest thing in the world, right? You go to a few comparison websites and a couple of direct insurance companies and pick the best deal. Within minutes you are insured.

Who are you?

ViewAfter getting solidly depressed about bottled water (link)I decided to calm down again and I did it in the most boring way possible, by reviewing my finances. 2 hours later I was building spreadsheets simulating where I would like to be financially by 2018. But I was stuck. I was trying to do an online pension review and I had lost my user, password and security token. I called the company and they managed to sort it out.  But they could have said: “We don’t know you. Don’t darken our doors again” and kept my money. Because everything was online I had no redress and no proof that I had an account there. Of course there are back-ups and printed document exchanges and other safety mechanisms, but I must admit even as a data specialist I was worried about my nest egg.

ViewThe whole chain of events lead me to have a think about how I would like things to work for me. So I started drawing up a process and a way on how I would like to control my information in regards to anyone and any platform I am dealing with. And here is the first output: