Laying down the law

civil-libertiesWhen you live in a different country from the one you were born and educated in you run into some differences. The one that hit me over the last years is the erosion of civil rights and responsibilities in the name of freedom.

Local Property development

We just found out that our neighbourhood is under pressure from more developers. I must admit we were not impressed given the already great pressure the area is under. So we got together as a community and decided to plan against the proposed plan. The reason I am writing about it here is the ease with which one can set-up a decent campaign site against it. We managed most of it in about 8 hours of work. Thanks to wordpress the whole thing is not difficult, and if you have done one you can do several quickly. You can see our effort for the near future here:

Technology payback

Yesterday I tried to view “TopGear”, (an automotive program in the UK, which has build up a mysterious around very fast racing drive only known as the STIG, who was revealed to be Michael Schumacher, probably one of the best racing drivers in existance and 7 times world Formula 1 Champion.) and I couldn’t find it.  I remembered the BBC I-Play (a technology that offers free content streaming to PCs) and I wondered if I could get it streaming via my son’s playstation 3.