putting Retail to bed

Monster_underbedWhen I woke up this morning and went groggily downstairs I came across my daughter curled up on the living room sofa fast asleep. I expected her to be upstairs in her bedroom with her stuffed toys and gymnastics medals so I ended up waking her by the noise I had made.

She:”morning daddy”
Me:”morning honey. Are you ok?”
She: “sure, why are you asking”
Me:”well, you have a nice bed upstairs, so why sleep on the sofa”
She:”I haven’t”
Me:”what?” – clearly I was not awake yet, but my pulse started to quicken.
She:”my bed is lumpy”
Me: “lumpy?”
She:”it’s always been lumpy. I can count the springs, dad!”

Now that is about as clear a buying signal you get as a parent. So that afternoon we went out to buy two mattresses (turns out my son wasn’t too happy with his either). The first choice of bed buying is that you have to lie on them. So we went from shop to shop (about 7 of them) and as the day progressed general misery set in. My children had enough after 3 stores, my wife was therefore fed up after 5 (g children around when they don’t want to is sole destroying) and by shop 7 we almost bought the first bed we lay on. So during the day I started to wonder what was going on and why.