12 stupid men? Part 2

I haven’t posted anything in a long time. This wouldn’t be the first blog to go the way of the dodo. If there is anything you can take from my life than it is this: where people are concern, there is always a reason. Always.

In my case the last 3 years were full of personal turmoil, tragedy and change. Live, serious life intercepted me. Everyone I love the most was suffering at random fate, and my job was to do what I could for them. I took a back seat. Now I am finding myself at the other end of this process, a new perspective has emerged on many fronts, including the legal one.

12 stupid men?

In the UK we had a trail about a woman that took the points her husband received in regards to vehicle offences (bad driving). The case itself is pretty simple. The question put to the jury was simple enough as well. Did she accept the points willingly, and was she culpable. The the that the person involved was publicly well know, and her than husband was also a public figure in politics should be irrelevant. However the jury didn’t seem to get it. It asked silly questions about “should a possibility, that did not form part of anything presented in court be taken into account, or is the jury limited to evidence before it”. “What is reasonable doubt” was another question posed.